YoWhatsApp Update, Download New Version Official 2022

The WhatsApp app is an application that is used as a means of communication between users and is currently very popular. This app is often innovative in many aspects of progress.

However, it is well known that so far all the innovations in the WhatsApp app have not satisfied some users. As a result, more users have turned to mods of the original WhatsApp, and this article will present one of the most popular mods of the original WhatsApp, namely YoWhatsApp.

YoWhatsApp Update, Download New Version 2022

If you are looking for the latest version of YoWhatsApp Update APK,just go to the official website yowhatsapp.org to get into it. 

What is YoWhatsApp?

For those of you who still don't know, YoWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp developed by a third party which includes advanced features.

By including premium and advanced features, this WhatsApp mod is definitely suitable for smartphone users.

In addition, the advanced and premium features embedded in the YoWhatsApp Apk are not available in the original version. So of course, many people choose to download the YoWhatsApp APK instead of the original WhatsApp.

However, modified YoWhatsApp apps like the original WhatsApp are not available on official marketplaces like Playstore or App Store. Therefore, if you would like to download the YoWhatsApp APK, you can do so by clicking on the link below.

What features does YoWhatsApp latest version offer?

1. Thousands of themes

As you know, the WhatsApp app looks the same as the green theme. With YoWhatsApp New Version, you can change the theme colour to any other colour you wish. Thousands of themes are available here for free, so you can choose which one you want to use.

2. Show blue ticks after replies

This feature is available for users who want to read the message but do not want the status of having read the message to be discovered by their contacts. In contrast to messages that show a blue tick mark without answering, in YoWhatsApp New Version it may show the tick mark when you answer, rather than after you have read the message.

3. Who can call me?

As the name suggests, it is possible to block incoming calls from individuals you do not want to call. Everything is as simple as accessing their profile and turning off the selection.

When the person you are blocking contacts you by phone, it will be cut off in a flash. This way you will never be bothered by someone you hate.

4. Freeze last seen.

This element allows you to use WhatsApp without interruptions, as your last moments online are not seen by others.

5. Anti-delete messages.

In the original version of WhatsApp, once someone has withdrawn a message from their chat, then you can no longer see the withdrawn message.

With YoWhatsApp New Version, you can see messages that have been withdrawn by the other person!

6. Hide view status.

This means that individuals at the opposite stopping point will not see your name in their status perspective view. In short, you are imperceptible. You can choose to see his status, but he cannot see yours.

7. Longer video story updates

You used to be able to make only 30-second story videos with the original WhatsApp. And now, when you use YoWhatsApp New Version, you can make longer story videos. This way, your video story will not be interrupted.

More features of YoWhatsApp latest version

  • New design look for YoMods settings
  • Real-time preview of your configured colour changes
  • Added Airplane mode to mute incoming WhatsApp messages
  • Added hidden chats now do not appear on the home page of the unread counter
  • Added hidden chats will also not appear in the contact list when you want to 'forward' them
  • Added option to delete WA backups
  • There are more bug fixes and other improvements
  • Split video status into 30 seconds per part
  • Ignored chat archives
  • Messaging hashtags have become 5+ times
  • See how often you forward messages
  • YoThemes download, load, save, restore and reset themes
  • Clear YoWA logs
  • Send images at up to 18 MB full resolution
  • Send up to 10 image files at a time
  • Increase video upload size limit to 700 MB
  • Activate proximity sensor
  • Turn off speaker/headphone switching during audio playback
  • Back up and restore YoWA data
  • Lock YoWA with pattern/pin/fingerprint
  • Hide media (photo/video/GIF) from gallery
  • Function stickers for all packs (com.yowa, com.yowa2)
  • reply privately in a group
  • Change message background without reading in the chat tab
  • Change unread message counter colour in chat tab
  • Preview of wallpaper lock after selection
  • Added Oneplus font (Slate)
  • Share 100 images at a time on WhatsApp
  • Add attachment button to YoWa entries (documents, etc.)
  • Set background wallpaper
  • Photos of you in external and internal conversations
  • Added call blocker (select who can call me)
  • Support for white navigation bar for Android on version 8.0+
  • Auto-save themes
  • Added 7 new icons
  • Contact images visible outside the message bubble
  • Custom YoWA widgets (can turn on/off last view, count unread messages, etc.!)
  • Ability to put contact photos in the bubble
  • Added new call FAB
  • Change text colour for contact name, status, unread messages
  • White background colour
  • Customize hidden view status
  • Change contact name colour
  • Change name and status font style on home screen
  • Change font style (6 new font styles added in the latest version)
  • Call privacy feature (select who can contact you)
  • Fixed up to 1000 chats
  • Group message count
  • Special Emoji Converter Apk for Emoji lovers
  • Fingerprint lock to read chat history
  • Contact status in the conversation bar
  • Change bubble style, tick style
  • Online contact toast
  • Shrink notification bar messages
  • Write WhatsApp status up to 250 characters
  • Disable Lollipop prompts
  • Double tap to enlarge avatar
  • Change app icons (11 icons)
  • Album features
  • Floating action buttons
  • Check last seen status in status bar
  • Select privacy for groups, broadcasts and contacts
  • Ring chat interface
  • Change notification bar icons (22 icons)
  • All WhatsApp features
  • Hide call icons from the talk screen
  • Hide profile photo from the talk screen
  • Set your name on the home screen
  • Objectified icons
  • Default blue (get rid of WhatsApp's default green UI)
  • Copy anyone's status
  • Preview images/videos without downloading
  • Share HQ images
  • Long press on camera button to send HD images
  • Unicode 9 emoji
  • New call icons new design and tweaks

How to install YoWhatsApp New Version

If you want to use YoWhatsApp New Version, you must first uninstall the official WhatsApp. after that you must activate the installation rights from an unknown source, if you have done this before, you can install the YoWhatsApp New Version APK directly.

  1. Please go to Settings > Security > Enable Unknown Sources
  2. Then open YoWhatsApp and proceed with the installation process
  3. Installing from an unknown source
  4. If already installed, press the agree button and continue
  5. Verify your mobile number via SMS or phone
  6. Then enter your username and post your profile picture

Then you are ready to use the YoWhatsApp app!

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Final Words

YoWhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp application by YousefAlBasha with many other interesting features. For example, the theme feature, extra privacy, customisation and much more. It is a 100% secure app. It has been around for a long time. And many other users have used YoWhatsApp without any problems or complaints. So of course, you can download YoWhatsApp via the download button below and start enjoying the interesting features of the YoWhatsApp app provided in this article. Hopefully, with this app, it will make your WhatsApp chatting activities more interesting.

YoWhatsApp Download